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Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative (CAIC) was formed in the early 80's by a number of religious communities who wanted to pool their resources in order to make investments that support positive social change and promote alternative economic structures.
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Disclaimer: Information - All information set out on our website is for information purposes only. Any final confirmation and/or approval of documents pertaining to our website must be verified and approved by direct contact with CAIC by email, fax or telephone.

In fact CAIC was an early “pioneer” in the burgeoning social lending/impact investing sphere. Our borrowers have used these resources to operate women's and men's shelters, food banks, re-use it stores, fair trade and organic cooperatives, community loan funds, skills development centres, and non-profit daycare centres to name a few.

A shared hope for a socially just world is what motivated the creation of CAIC. Created in the early 1980's, CAIC provides access to capital for groups working in the charitable, non-profit and social justice sectors. Although our members are registered Canadian charities within the faith community, our borrowers are not. With assets greater than $6 million, CAIC provides mortgages, construction financing, working capital loans and equity investments via three different financing streams:

Mortgages for Community-based Projects
Mortgages up to 75% to non-profits & community-based organizations.

Social & Affordable Housing Initiatives
Loans for socially beneficial housing (2nd or 3rd mortgages).

Social Enterprise Financing
Loans & equity investments to corporations & cooperatives for socially beneficial projects.

In considering applicants CAIC's experience allows us to see value beyond the numbers which is often not readily apparent to a conventional lender. CAIC understands that non-traditional sources of revenue and community support are assets that are often hard to measure but can be vital to a non profit or social entrepreneur.

CAIC understands that getting credit ready can be a challenge for the charitable, cooperative and non-profit sectors, however our social lending experience has demonstrated that strategic use of debt can bring long term stability and growth to innovators and dreamers who want to change the social landscape.

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