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Thank You

The board of directors of the Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative (CAIC) would like to thank the many cooperatives, community loan funds, non profits and charities that have partnered with us during the past 32 years. We are no longer providing loans. Those seeking access to affordable capital are advised to contact our sister organization, the Canadian Alternative Investment Foundation caif@caic.ca



Areas of Focus

CAIC invested in groups working for positive social change and community economic development in Canada that lacked access to traditional financing. We were particularly interested in projects that promoted alternative economic structures and acted as a catalyst to structural change. When making an investment, CAIC took into consideration both the social benefit of a project and its business soundness. A project was not considered unless it met our criteria for both attributes. CAIC focused its lending in the following three areas:

Social Enterprise Financing

CAIC provided loans & equity investments to groups, organizations & cooperatives assisting in the economic development of disadvantaged people or communities and whose objectives were considered to be of social benefit by CAIC's board of Directors. The organization could be a corporation or a co-operative. The investment could be debt or equity, secured or unsecured.

CAIC was supportive of community loan funds and as a result was interested in partnering with organizations that provided the necessary business skills and technical support to ensure successful social enterprises.

Mortgages for Community-Based Projects

CAIC provided mortgages of up to 75% of the appraised value of the property to non-profit and community-based organizations that required a 'home' for their services. (e.g. women's shelter, food bank, skills development).

Social & Affordable Housing Initiatives

CAIC was mandated to make loans available to groups working to provide social and affordable housing. CAIC defined socially beneficial housing as:

Any low cost rental housing
Housing that would remain perpetually affordable
Housing that was appropriate to those being housed
Resident and community controlled housing

The Elements of Success

Please check out the Elements of Success for a full list of the attributes that CAIC feels are essential for success.

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